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A Nebraska Warehouse. Old World Value and New World Technology for the last 125 Years.

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“Our WMS provider, 3PL Central, the leading software provider of the first cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS), announced the new release of SmartView. “With its clean, modern look and intuitive new capabilities, the next generation of 3PL Warehouse Manager will streamline the entire user experience, allowing our clients to get far more done, far faster than ever before. Most important of all, it will enable them to satisfy their existing customers and impress potential prospects.” – John Watkins, 3PL Central CEO

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Attention to detail is a must.

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Capabilities of handling single units to 5 tons! Fulfillment service and packaging for large orders or as small as an individual piece internet order SKU’s from 1 to 5,000. Weight from1 pound to 10,000 pounds. Overstock, cancelled P.O., Inventory reduction, obsolete Inventories and of course, Customer Distribution of their product throughout the United States and Worldwide market.

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We have recently added a state of the art surveillance Camera System in all of our facilities to give our customers the added comfort to know Gratton Warehouse is committed to excellence. As a committed Omaha 3PL Warehouse, we look forward to adding more features in the future to expand technology to keep up with our ever growing client list.

This Omaha, Nebraska Warehouse has been here for 125 years, and look forward to the next 100. Please let us quote your Contract Storage, Public Storage and Transportation needs.

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Since 1894. An Omaha, Nebraska Warehouse for 120 Years.

Gratton Warehouse 125 Anniversary
Demand Exceeds Supply in Area
Industrial Real Estate Market
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