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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

3PL Central, the leading software provider of the first cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) now uses SmartView. Offering core warehouse management software features and functionality is key to the success of 3PLs who operate in increasingly complex and competitive environments. With its clean, modern look and intuitive new capabilities, the next generation of 3PL Warehouse Manager will streamline the entire user experience, allowing our clients to get far more done, far faster than ever before…[read more – 3PL Central press release]

Our first step in the process with our 3PL Warehouse was to pick five WMS systems and start to narrow down what best suited us and our customer’s needs. We previewed demos on all five and spoke about the functionality of use anywhere in the country simply by signing on. We also wanted the customer to have full transparency of their inventory by allowing them their own unique login.

After reviewing all Software Systems we narrowed our choice down to Red Prarie and 3PL Central. Red Prarie offered several key features that we were looking for but lacked some of the Billing Wizard and Customer Interaction with their system. We also asked that the customer be able to import their own order for shipping and receiving. Currently, we are utilizing Motorola Handhelds for bar-coded inventory. After a long debate and employee interaction, we chose 3PL as our WMS provider. We feel that 3PL was our best option for growth and customer support.

When fully integrated our inventory will be 100% bar-coded with the ability to scan to load and receive. Gratton Warehouse knows this system will allow us the opportunity to expand our current business model into other markets in the US.

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