Because we are one of the first Nebraska warehouse companies, we have learned, adapted, and optimized our warehousing operations giving our partners the advantage of leveraging what we know today to assist them for the future. No matter the origin of your business or market area, Gratton Warehouse is here to work with you and your team on developing an order fulfillment strategy tailored to your distribution needs. We focus on cost-lowering strategies, picking/shipping efficiencies, inventory/transportation management, and customer satisfaction. We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure our focus is on your bottom line!

Going Beyond the Warehouse Walls!

Our Omaha, Nebraska warehouse across the United States

Also, we are a full service 3PL warehouse, and we take pride in providing the right service for our partners. We leverage the years of experience that we have acquired over the past 128 years that is not only is focused on our growth but the growth of our partners. Given our experience over the past 128 years in 3PL Warehousing, we have capabilities in:

  • Custom pick, pack, and shipping services
  • Kitting and custom order capabilities
  • Real time inventory and order status reporting
  • Customer Support
  • Inventory Management
  • E-Commerce integration
  • EDI capable
  • Transportation Management
  • Temperature Controlled warehouse
  • Security