Gratton Warehouse is a leader with Omaha Warehouse Storage

Why Gratton Warehouse is the leader in Nebraska

Recent years in the warehouse space rental market can definitely be described as golden. They have been characterized primarily by a significant increase in the demand for modern industrial facilities as most stores are now operating online. 

Our renowned Omaha warehouse space provider is one of the oldest companies in Nebraska. And the current pandemic is increasing the storage demand more than ever!

Let’s have a closer look at Gratton Warehouse’s achievements. At how the pandemic has affected the warehouse industry as a whole. And lastly, let’s dive into a couple of predictions for the years to come!

The Warehouse Industry is Benefiting from the Pandemic

For some businesses, the pandemic has been devastating. For others though, it has become a catalyst. It has spurred the growth of e-commerce, which has been on the rise for quite some time already. The shift creates a huge demand for warehouse spaces, especially locally. Most manufacturers have also recognized the critical importance of:

  • The speed of delivery 
  • The availability of semi-finished products and components in the United States

Last year was marked by new records in terms of storage space leases delivered by Gratton Warehouse. What are statistics saying? According to Michael Wohlgemuth, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, Gratton Warehouse has stored over 3 million square feet of warehouse space in 2021. 

How We Hit 3 Million Square Feet of Warehouse Space

A key challenge that warehouse storage companies can face is a shortage of labor and/or attractive, large development sites. Since the founding of Gratton Warehouse, we have been able to build a team of seasoned professionals right here in Omaha. 

The company has developed warehouse projects allowing for over 3 million square feet of warehouse storage space. And all of this only over the last couple of months. The most spectacular lease transactions in terms of size were concluded mainly by e-commerce sector tenants.

We cooperate with many investors, both current ones and those who are planning to enter our market. Building long-term relationships not only with our clients translates into the stability that we have achieved. 

Development Perspectives for the Warehouse Industry

As part of the further development of the industrial space market in the United States, it may be expected that a growing number of key investments will be constructed in the vicinity of major transportation arteries. Nebraska is perfect as a location for large, national distribution centers or shipment hubs. This is mostly due to its location with perfectly developed transport infrastructure.

The continuation of the high dynamics of market development is also conditioned by:

  • The growth of the e-commerce sector
  • The interest in leasing warehouses by logistics companies

Urban warehouse parks will develop strongly. Gratton Warehouse’s location in the heart of Omaha makes it perfectly ready for this booming trend. 

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